Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love ★★★★★

This is probably my favorite film of all time. It might change in the future but there is so much about Punch-Drunk Love that I adore. I have struggled with anxiety issues since I was about eight or nine and this films has helped me through a lot of those issues and helped me explain what was going on in my life that was causing all of this. This film helped me put my emotions into words. It showed me how to find the comforts in my life and how to stray myself away from the things in life that caused such anxiety. It gave me the confidence to not be afraid to do what I was too scared to do before and to be willing to speak my emotions. I hate to admit it because he’s I feel so bad for him, but Barry Egan is in many ways myself. We don’t go through the exact same struggles, I myself have never bought tons of pudding nor been conned by a phone sex hotline, but in a metaphorical sense, what those struggles represent, I relate to so much and I feel a lot of people who struggle from anxiety issues do as well.

Not only do I love this film on a personal level, but it’s one of the most well made films I’ve ever seen. The cinematograph is absolutely gorgeous; the way the shots are lit with its blueish tint as well as its masterful long takes and framing. The score by Jon Brion is revolutionary. We may not see it now because we have so many films doing a similar type of score today but no one was willing to do a score like that in 2002, except Jon Brion, and I thank him for that. The sound design is great. I love the scene in the bathroom where the sound design just goes berserk, similar to one of those “RIP Headphone Users” videos. It’s a very unique approach to a scene like that and I love that PTA was willing to go there. The editing is phenomenal and I really appreciate how they understood the most important part of editing to me, the “lack thereof” editing. They know exactly when and when not to cut, especially in the scenes when tension is key. Each and every actor is great in the film, especially Sandler who doesn’t just gives great performance for Adam Sandler, he give a great performance in general. It’s very true what they say, PTA is the master, and this, in my opinion, may be his masterpiece (then again you can say that about most of his filmography).

All in all, it’s a phenomenal film. I absolutely adore this movie and I think if you have ever or are struggling with anxiety you should see this film because maybe it may help you just like it did for me.

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