I guess I’m at a bit of a disadvantage with films like this. I have ADD, or Attention Deficient Disorder, so when it comes to long and slow paced films it’s hard for me to get through them; this happens to be both. I’m usually able to get through slow paced and long films with a deck of cards, either shuffling or playing solitaire, that way I can keep my mind active while still paying attention to the film. This film being seven and a half hours long made that very hard. It was hard for me to keep going through the film so by the time the film ended I was completely mentally drained. It was not the greatest experience for me watching this.

Despite that, what I can say is that this is an incredible film. This film has some of the best direction and mise-en-scene I think I’ve ever seen. Every element of this film is at its best. It’s visually gorgeous, both in the impressive cinematography and the desolate landscapes. All the actors are incredible, not a weak performance in the cast. The sound design is incredibly well done. There are a lot of scenes, or I should say chapters, in this film that I found engaging and fell in love with; the main chapters being the prologue, The News Is They Are Coming, Knowing Something, and Going to Heaven? Having Nightmares?

Overall, I think this is an amazing film. If I were to give it a rating solely on the filmmaking, it’d be a 9 or 10/10; but as for my enjoyment and experience with the film... I really don’t know. So for now I will abstain from a rating. I will definitely be watching this again in the future because I feel this will grow on me with time, but for now that’s how I feel. My feelings may change, it may not; and I’m fine with either because I know at heart this is an amazing film whether or not I enjoy the film.

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