Brendan Hodges

Brendan Hodges

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  • Body Double
  • Terrorizers
  • Laura
  • Dragon Inn

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  • Ferrari



    Mann's twilight meditation on death and the caged masculinity, where the grief-fueled psychodrama of Enzo and Laura Ferrari is expressed in chiaroscuro shadows and some of the most bracing you're-fucking-there racing I've ever seen. Due to project delays and financing issues, what was once the project of a young man has metamorphosed into aging film giant's reflection of mortality, bridging ideas, themes, and stylistic shifts from half a century of films into one incredible feat of filmmaking.

    Like all late-period…

  • May December

    May December


    Haynes' latest is a thorned marriage of Lifetime-Soap camp with the sweaty fuzz of the 80s erotic neo-noir, unmasking layers of artificial identity as carefully layered as a face of makeup. As much as this is devious fun satirizing the cultural thirst for tabloid dreck, it gives way to heart-needling sadness that burrows deep and doesn't leave, looking at our epidemic of insincerity through a duo of women searching for something real at any cost. Maybe my favorite Haynes.


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  • The Boy and the Heron

    The Boy and the Heron


    Miyazaki's latest, another temporary goodbye, is a moving, mad and wondrous lesson on the kingdoms we create and how to let them go, bursting out with some of the most spectacular, soul-stirring imagery I've ever seen. It's both the melancholic elegy of an aging master and shimmering children's fable, meditating on death, life and art, and like The Fabelmans, how they intermix.

    I'll speak nothing of the story ~~ go in blind ~~ but through an adventure that's both humble…

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    "There is a word in Korean. In-Yun. It means providence. Or fate.

    "Do you believe that?"

    "That's just something Koreans say to seduce someone."

    Just as magical the second time.