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  • Suspiria



    Suspiria is everything a horror reimagining should be. It’s haunting, energetic, violent, delirious, disturbing, and at points sickening. I loved every second of it. Beautifully chaotic and cold-hearted, this movie has absolutely no regard for the audience’s feelings, focusing solely on pumping scares into our veins. It’s glorious in execution, a stylish but refined experience that worms its way into the deepest bit of your brain and stays there, a forever looming presence hovering over the most impressionable and affected…

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Lights flash, illuminating the stadium. Arms thrash over the strings of the guitar, sending a shockwave through the audience’s bones, rippling their senses and leaving their eyes open wide. Later, at a bar, a meeting of chance; the man, the woman, and their everlasting subtleties reflected amongst the rose-colored lenses. After-dark talk in the parking lot; him smitten with her unnatural talent and her longing for a life outside of cleaning others’ messes. And then, one more encounter at his…