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  • The Magnificent Seven

    The Magnificent Seven


    This is my third watching of the film. I have seen the other films in this franchise either once or twice. I'll swear on how much I love the other movies (especially Guns and the original 1960 film, which are the ones I've seen twice), and yet I've seen this one more. What about it is so charming despite spitting in the face of most Westerns and, in a sense, the source material, that keeps me coming back? To be…

  • Leprechaun Returns

    Leprechaun Returns


    An effort was made, a considerable one at that, but something (I think studio interference) stopped this from taking the series back to it's roots. This one is a weird entry, as it does try to mimic the combination of oddball humor with gore effects and impactful but comedic deaths that take place in the first and second entries, and doesn't go for the weird all-in on humor aspect the third, fifth, and sixth entries did, nor does it try…

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  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch

    Gremlins 2: The New Batch


    Sure, it might be a nearly soulless sequel with hammy acting and lazy writing that relies heavily on it's spectacular visuals and mix of pop culture references (almost exclusive to Warner-Brothers properties no less) and 4th wall breaks to entertain the audience. Sure, it lose itself in the irony of criticizing corporate environments while promoting one. Sure, it might abandon all hopes of being a horror movie in favor of a funny film with only a few jokes that land.…

  • Hotel Artemis

    Hotel Artemis


    If you only know of this film from the trailers, it's a bit deceptive: it is an action movie, but it's fairly light on the action. Unlike films like The Raid where the action is nonstop, this movie has blips of action until it's climax, where it's about 10 straight minutes of the action that was suggested in the trailer. And to the film's credit, the action is pretty solid (save for a fairly anti-climactic "final showdown" that's over in…