Parasite ★★★★½

This was the first film in the Parasite/The Lighthouse double feature I embarked on. Parasite, much like the lighthouse, has unfathomable amounts of high praise and buzz. So it’s impossible for me not to go into this film with mammoth expectations. And oh lawd did it deliver. This is such a hilariously clever satire on the culture clash of classism that evolves into a nail biting thriller/horror in the third act! Bong Joon Ho’s direction is pitch perfect here which was to be expected but nevertheless astounded me. The writing feels incredibly natural for a film that is quite hilarious and wildly clever and refreshing for a theme that we’ve seen tackled a million times over! It’s nowhere near black and white when it come to its messages and handles them with nuance and class, pun intended. The performances are stellar across the board as well. The only thing that bugged me just a little bit was that it contained a few pieces of dialogue that felt overexplanatory regarding its themes. And the ending to me felt like it dragged on a bit too long and felt desperate to give us a clear cut ending that’s easy to understand. But all in all, this film certainly lives up to the hype and it’s not a mystery to me why people are calling this a masterpiece and picking it to win both best foreign film and best picture at the Academy Awards.


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