Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★

A horror mock-umentary must be a pain in the ass. Imagine: you have to make it seem real and believable and you must be able to scare or create a sense of "feary discomfort" to viewer... as best as the genre lets you.

Anyway, Lake Mungo "almost" nails it in both departments. It excels in the first one, as this is really realistic. No, seriously. Watch it without knowing this is a mock-umentary (ok, now it's impossible, but give it an effort), it all feels too real, as if all the people involved were really connected to a young girl who drowned in the lake.

However, while it does create some of that "feary discomfort", it doesn't give you goosebumps or puts you in the edge of the chair, or at least not for the whole thing. Admitedly, the slow zoom-ins keep you uncomfortable and, maybe, expecting a terrible jump scare that GLADLY doesn't happen, as this works way better without them.

Is Lake Mungo amazing? Probably not. But it is a pretty solid film and probably the best of its sub-genre.

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