Enola Holmes ★★


Had mild hopes for this. I'm always down for new Sherlock Holmes stuff, but this, despite the light hearted tone and decent cast was a bit of a slog to get through. Millie Bobby Brown has good energy, making for a Holmes that's a lot more likeable than her brothers, but all the fourth wall breaking got frustrating by the end. What really didn't help was how dull, predictable and uninteresting the central mystery was. Henry Cavill ended up being an inspired piece of casting for Sherlock Holmes and part of me hopes we see more of him. The rest of the cast however, are pretty wasted. It's always fun to see Helena Bonham Carter being insane and weird, but she's sadly underused and barely leaves an impact. Was really hoping this would be more interesting, instead it's just a pretty bog standard kids mystery film. A shame.

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