The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

Despite my crippling hangover, I fucking LOVED The Nice Guys. I won't hyperbole here, but Shane Black is a genius. He writes action comedies like no one. He's been the writer of countless masterpieces including Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, Kiss, Kiss Bang Bang and he's even responsible for the best Marvel film, Iron Man 3.

The man is an unsung hero who deserves more credit, it's such a shame that is directorial work has mostly been cult films that have faded into obscurity. Even The Nice Guys has been flopping at the box-office. I cannot wait to see what this man does with his upcoming Predator film.

This action comedy brings a private detective and a muscle man together to solve the case of a dead pornstar than involves the daughter of the head of the Department of Justice and a porn film.

The two leads are established actors I have always loved, Gosling in particular, but both him and Russell Crowe create incredible chemistry boosted by an insanely funny and sharp script. Crowe also really bulked up for the role (I assume), the guy looked huge in a husky sorta way. Credit to the girl who played Ryan Gosling's daughter too. Usually a prominent child performance can be annoying, but the actress did a great job and her character fit into the story well, sort of making her the third member of the team.

It looks awesome too. There's some solid and well shot action with some visual flourish, but the way the '70s were recreated looked great, from the outfits to the music choices and cars, it all felt like it could have been made in the '70s but with better filming equipment.

The case is always engaging and involving obviously filled with twists and is mostly easy to follow. There were some pretty big coincidences like characters would conveniently pop out of nowhere when they were needed, but that was fine, it didn't bother me at all.

The best way to describe The Nice Guys is if The Last Boy Scout, Big Lebowski, Inherent Vice and Chinatown had a massive orgy and this was the resulting love-child of said orgy. It also feels like a heavily nostalgic tribute to the detective films of the era (a genre of which I will be exploring pretty soon).

The Nice Guys took me by surprise and is currently my film of the year and my first full-on masterpiece. A fast, extremely funny, expertly performed and incredibly written detective comedy. Goddamn you society for letting this flop. Damn you all to hell and stuff.

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