Midsommar ★★★½

This is a beautifully shot movie yet immensely disturbing, which is what I hoped to see going into it. Nevertheless, as much as I enjoy the disturbing imagery and unsettling atmosphere, I feel that it struggles to maintain a cohesive narrative. The movie has a slow build up, and yet the first 20 minutes feel almost pointless as it never really connects to anything significant later in the story. The characters lacks depth and some acting is pretty stale. I do however thing that Florence Pugh gives a great performance to what she is able to work with. There’s a lot good to be said about the movie, the music in particular. I also thing the setting is on point as it contrasts the core of what is going in a beautiful and colourful facade. It was very close to an 8 for me, but it has too many flaws to ignore, I still recommend anyone to watch it as it leaves you thinking and reflecting on what it all means, and despite the pacing, it is damn entertaining