Castle in the Sky ★★★½

Studio Ghibli movies are all the rage lately so I thought I’d finally give this a rewatch. To me this movie has always been the lesser 80s Miyazaki sky themed adventure movie behind Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and I can’t say that this viewing changed that perception but the movie does have a lot going for it. I like the robot in it, I like the world, I like certain sequences. What I don’t particularly like are the characters, especially the male lead. Part of that is sort of my fault; out of laziness I was watching the dubbed version and was reminded of how freakin’ awful James Van Der Beek is at voicing this character in the Disney dub. I’m not exactly sure how old his character is supposed to be but whether he’s trying to sound like a kid or like a teenager Van Der Beek does a pretty lousy job. Get past that though and this is still a very good looking and innovative animated movie that would point the way toward future Ghibli movies.