The Mule ★★★

When this came out two years ago it got a very middling reception and having seen it I think that’s about the reception it deserved. This movie is decidedly “okay.” Eastwood remains a compelling screen presence while pushing 90 and his workmanlike direction works well for this fairly simple story about an old guy who moonlights as someone who delivers drugs over long distances. Like a lot of Eastwood’s movies you’re constantly wondering how conscious he is of the political overtones. Does he know that he’s essentially making a movie about white privilege given that his character basically escapes capture time and again because he doesn’t fit the profile of a drug runner? Not sure, and there are a couple of scenes here and there which do seem to be prodding at culture war type things as well as a couple of scenes that seem to be in there to be like in-jokes amongst older moviegoers. Not anything overly memorable ultimately, but Eastwood has definitely made worse during this phase.