Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★

Good things about this film - Tilda (yes, she's a Celtic sorceress in this), Benedict Wong and a good share of self-depracating humour. Effects are pretty nifty through most of it and that cape is a scene-stealer.

Not so great is Mads as yet another villain but with not a lot to do and not much of a character. Chiwetel and Rachel McAdams are also saddled with thankless supporting roles which sidelines them until the plot needs them.

Somewhere in between is the Cumberbatch, sometimes just a little too Sherlock but at other times showing a good sense of WTF bemusement. It will be interesting to see how he develops in later films, given his character has to go through a great deal of set-up.

A pass mark for the Doctor and if the first post-credits scene is any indication, we could be onto something very good. Let's hope they also give Michael Stuhlbarg plenty more to do.

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