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This review may contain spoilers.

A bold, bloody and beautiful take on a film which is already cemented as iconic in the world of horror cinema. Luca Guadagnino isn't interested in a remake, rather charting his own course both in story and in colour palette with his CMBYN cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom resulting in a more muted look than Argento's film. That doesn't take away from the intensity of the film and if anything the horror of what happens feels ratcheted up without the lurid colours to distract. What does distract is the Tilda Swinton, in full prosthetic makeup as Dr. Josef Klemperer - as it turns out, completely unnecessary from a plot point of view and as a viewer, I felt myself looking through the make-up rather than focussing on the role itself. She's markedly more successful in her main role as Madame Blanc, creating just the right amount of mystery and possibly menace. Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth are also effective as the young dancers drawn into the murky deeds going on in their dance school. This is a film that happily stands alone from the earlier incarnation of Suspiria - the Thom Yorke soundtrack provides more distance (and is very good) while the setting gives it political context, even if that isn't explored in full. A film I could watch again easily, to peel away at the layers of it as I'm sure there's more to appreciate.

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