Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

I'm not much for folk music, but I am much for the Coens. Like pretty much all of their movies, "Davis" is going to need at least two viewings to fully unpack, but for my first time around I loved it. The music, clearly a central part of the story, is wonderful (even to a non-folk guy) and despite it being intentionally schlocky, "Please Mr. Kennedy" is going to be in my head for a long time. UH-OH!

The other central part of the story is Llewyn himself, and Oscar Isaac kills it. I've noticed his talents in "Drive" and "Sucker Punch" but this is his first meaty role and he's fantastic. I hope he gets added to the Coens' repertory players and we see them collaborate more in the future. Actually, one of my minor complaints is that a lot of familiar Coen faces are absent here. We get John Goodman in a fantastic character role, but I'd have loved to see Steve Buscemi, John Tuturro, or Peter Stormare pop up. Still, you can't fault any of the actors since they're all great, yes, even Justin Timberlake (who I actually think is a pretty good screen presence overall).

And without spoilers, not since the end of "No Country for Old Men" have I sat in a theater simultaneously upset for such an abrupt ending and satisfied because it was the perfect moment on which to end. I have a lot more ideas on "Llewyn Davis," but I need to see it again and fully flesh them out. This one is going to be divisive for the general public (nothing really "happens" according to a traditional film character arc), but I think Coen fans, particularly those who liked "A Serious Man," are going to love it. One of my favorites of 2013.