Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★

I really wanted to have the connection to this movie that so many other people have been so enthusiastic about. It was really good! It hit the nostalgic moments of a pre-smart phone era at the turn of the century really well! There's a lot about her world I got. There's a lot that made me think about my friends and even a lot that had me thinking about my wife at that time.

But there's some things about teenage frivolity and obliviousness I couldn't connect with, that seem silly in my life now. Partially, it's getting over my FOMO and contending with my sense of impostor syndrome over the last few years. Partially because of how silly the teenage experience, not just Lady Bird herself but also Timothee Chalamets little 'Only person that really KNOWS, man!' gimmick'.

I don't know ... I still liked it. I'm sitting with it. I think I want to see it again ASAP once I catch up on a few other things. But I'm just short of loving it, and that bums me out.

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