Annette ★★★★

Annette is a grand experience. And a hell of a journey it is. Bizzare at times for sure but also gripping. It's like a twisted, dismal, magical fairy tale all together. I do understand why some people would be disappointed by the simple nature of the plot but I personally enjoyed it a lot. I won't say that I enjoyed every single element but the positives are overwhelming and the essence of this movie and its atmosphere are on point so I feel comfortable giving an 8 out of 10. It's something fresh. Looks good too, work of cinematography deserves praise. Honestly I didn't even know Leos Carax until a few months ago but maybe I should go check something else by him..

Adam Driver is fantastic here. He gives his all to this messy character and it's a pleasure to watch him and listen to him sing. His singing voice is great. Helberg deserves a mention too! ''I'm an Accompanist'' is a short yet memorable number. Most of the songs in Annette are memorable and you'll probably feel the urge to listen to them after the movie is over

Btw, listening to the score on its own before watching enhanced the experience. Sparks did a a goooood job.

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