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  • Wild Strawberries
  • In a Lonely Place
  • Parasite
  • Sada

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  • Prisoners of the Ghostland


  • Maniac


  • Dawn of the Dead


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  • The Magician

    The Magician


    "One goes step by step into the darkness. The movement itself is the only truth."
    - The Magician

    "We often suffer from the delusion that we are attractive as long as we are masked. The public believes that it loves us when it sees us in light of our work and our public persona. But if we are seen without our masks (or even worse, if we are asking for money,) we are instantly transformed into less than nothing."

  • La Notte

    La Notte


    Stunningly impressionistic. More like a painting than a film, sort of like Stalker but this is far more palatable.

    The geometry of each frame is truly impressive. Antonioni must have labored immensely over such tightly composed shot - Each one conveys a feeling or informs us as to how we should view the situation on screen.

    Milan has never looked so empty. An elegant woman walks alone through a half deserted city. The longer she walks, the more devastated the…

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  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland

    "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"

  • Maniac


    The acting was more offensive than the scalping.

    A scuzzy, grimey NY slasher about a deranged psychopath brutally murdering women for...Reasons? It embraces sleaze as an aesthetic, and that's admirable enough - But I found it to be an utter slog.

    If you're looking for a grotty, bloody slasher shot and set in this era of New York, Lucio Fulci's The New York Ripper, made two years latter, does it all much better and even indulges in more carnage than Lustig saw fit to capture here.

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  • The Foul King

    The Foul King


    This is what is called in academia "funny as fuck."

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    I thought long and hard about what to say about Love Exposure. It's a powerful film that impressed me greatly, and it's a singular work that can't be compared to anything else in cinema...and yet the task of writing about it (while managaging to do it justice) seemed daunting. After at last attempting to write about it, I realized how futile it really was, deleted what I had written and wrote the below disjointed paragraphs.

    A three hour and…