A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice ★★★½

"I couldn't change. I couldn't protect you again. I was the same coward."
- Miyoko Sahara

A slow dreamy start, then bang! The Who, My Generation.
A time of mods, rockers, scooters, miniskirts, Hitchcock and pretty bloody sweet music. Anyway, that's a whole other story. Back to earth...

In almost every class I remember from school (it was a while back now), there was always at least one shit. Sometimes a little scrawny piece of shit that told tales or lies. Sometimes a great big steaming turd that thought it OK to practice his right hook on people. It's a shame. I guess that's part of growing up, getting used to dealing with different types of shit.

I sometimes wonder what happened to those kids. I still stay in touch with many of those I schooled with, but it seems like the shits have largely drifted into obscurity now. This movie looks at this kind of relationship, between bully and bullied, and what it does to their lives.

I won't give the game away, but it's a really well thought through, if sometimes overly-tragic piece of animation. It's drawn with such a light color palette that it's a bit distracting for my taste - not like the sublime tones of Your Name. or My Neighbor Totoro. This one is sickly-sweet, sugar coated candyfloss. Three spoonfulls of sugar too many if you know what I mean.

Overall though, this is a nice enough piece. Totoro would definitely kick it's butt though.

Watched as part of Scavenger Hunt #64 | July 2020 - #13/31

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