Lamb ★★★

Lamb | Dýrið | A Child is Born

A Christmas nativity of sorts, Valdimar Jóhannsson's Lamb delivers a tale of hopeful promise for a relationship in which the future is uncertain. Maria and Ingvar live a working life on a remote hillside sheep farm surrounded by beautiful landscape, but something is missing.

Here, a new life is born. A new type of life that will shape their future and enhance the bond they have. This new life is a new breed, bringing with it new hope. As Maria looks deep into the eyes of this new 'child', we see the forming of a parental love, but this is very different.

A stunning and peaceful film, Lamb is driven by the wonderfully calming presence of Noomi Rapace, and on this day, all that was missing was gold, frankincense and myrrh.

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