Lazarus ★★★★

For #24 of this 24 film challenge I figured why not try something different. A director and cast I'd never seen before in a format that I generally don't mess with. I'm so pleased I did and am currently doing the happy dance :)

This is a 10 minute short and I'm hooked already!

Like a perfectly formed, exquisitely sweet choc-chip cookie that has been sized to fit precisely within your well earned coffee break, I just could not fault this.

The character lead-in, restrained dialogue, visual representation of the ideas, the simple yet meaningful story, the sound and lighting all come together as one cohesive unit... and that little blue butterfly was a stroke of genius.

I'll be looking out for more from Margot van mol for sure. She's clearly an incredibly talented film maker with a bright future ahead of her.

At the time of writing, this is available on Youtube: LAZARUS a short film.

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