Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★

OK, so this is a tough one. There are a number of things I love about this:
- Photography & lighting
- Acting, especially of the younger parts
- Choreography
- Costumes
- The dark humor

But it's countered by frankly, some pretty shonky design choices that I can't get behind at all. The whole 'up-skirt' thing is cringy rather than funny and the storyline of the returning crazy woman seducing the priest...and him going for it. Hmm, nah.

But more than anything else, there is absolutely no reason for this to be a 4 hour film. I feel quite worn out after watching what feels like a masterclass in self-indulgent show-offery from Sion Sono in a 'look how clever I am' kind of way.

Perhaps it's just a style thing, as I wasn't that enamored with Antiporno either, but hey diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks I guess.

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