Oslo, August 31st

Oslo, August 31st ★★★★

Anders is surrounded by people and yet is a terribly lost and lonely individual. In what could be considered a crushingly sad depiction of addiction, Joachim Trier's incredibly moving Oslo, August 31st never oversteps the mark into the realm of pity-cinema. It tells the story, warts 'n all, and that is all.

Anders Danielsen Lie puts in a fantastic performance in the lead role as Anders, a solemn and quiet individual on a break from rehab after 10 months of being clean. Life back in his 'real world' is relentlessly difficult though with friends and family relationships, the job market and staying away from the life he became trapped in always seeming that little bit out of his reach.

This is a great character study and I love the way the crew presented the story with clean and uncluttered images, but managed to leave enough unsaid for the viewer to really ponder on life's big questions. What's it all about? Why am I here? Would anyone really miss me? Yep, this one stings.

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