Thirst ★★★★

As it's fathers day in Australia today (happy fathers day if that applies to you!), I thought it only right to amend the comedy level to dad joke status.

Before I do that, and you can no longer focus on the review as you are laughing so hard, I'll just say that this is a really cool vampire / love story from our friends in South Korea, courtesy of Chan-wook Park. Starring Mr SK himself: Kang-ho Song (Parasite, Memories of Murder, the Vengeance movies, The Host, Snowpiercer etc.), this reminded me in some ways of that other seminal vampire classic (no, not that one!)... Swedish gem Let the Right One In.

Filled with deliciously tasty dialogue and some really cool effects, this is a must watch if you are into suspenseful horror with a real story versus the more regular hack n slash em up movies of the genre.

OK, brace yourself...

🧛 Why did the vampire puke after attacking Taylor Swift?
🧛 She had bad blood.

Yeah thanks for that. Boo.

🧛 Why did the vampire drive on the highway?
🧛 He was told it was a main artery.

Jesus, enough already... just go watch the movie OK.

By the way, fun fact: This was the first mainstream Korean film to feature full-frontal male nudity.

Watched as part of Scavenger Hunt #66 | September 2020 - #11/30

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