Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

After a very turbulent production we finally have the Han Solo film. What did we get? A fun, action-filled space adventure. The casting is excellent. Young Han Alden Ehrenreich is pretty much perfect. Donald Glover as Lando is terrific too.

When I say action-filled, it really is that. From the get go it is set-piece after set-piece. The story is fairly basic, but it's enough to get the audience involved and cheering the heroes? on.

What we don't get? Unfortunately the script is a little basic too. There's no real meat here, but the fast pace and exciting action does make up for it. I feel a better script though may have elevated this to greatness for me. The villain is also a little light, but Bettany does a good job with the little screen time he has.

In the end, it's a popcorn film. I particularly enjoyed seeing the friendship between Han and Chewie being formed. They're an iconic duo and this origin tale does it right. I'd like to see another Han Solo film down the track.

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