Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

Let’s just say this is the perfect valentines day movie for single people. 

I still remember seeing this in the theaters and the scene with the box cutter made someone puke and had to leave the theatre. Oh, the memories. Not many films can end with me having loads of questions and being left with nothing but dread for a certain character. Without spoiling anything there is literally nothing more haunting than having a baby with a complete psychopath but then again as a person who has been cheated on before, there’s nothing more worse than trying to fake your way into loving that person who cheated on you. I think that’s why I love this movie so much. David Fincher’s direction, the incredible performances especially from Rosamund Pike, the amazing editing from Kirk Baxter are all the beautiful colors of a majestic rainbow but Gillian Flynn’s writing is the gold at the end of that rainbow here. Her writing makes the idea of marriage a dangerous commitment in the most profound way imaginable. I have one major nitpick and that’s some of the casting choices and performances from some characters. Some characters were either way too creepy that felt unrealistic or way too cringe. Nonetheless, another phenomenal film in David Fincher and the crew’s filmography. 

Tyler Perry...please for the love of your talent DO MORE ROLES LIKE THIS!

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