Hereditary ★★★★

“I think it is more tragic because if it’s all just inevitable then that means all the characters had no hope. They never had hope because they are all like pawns in this horrible hopeless machine.“

Masterful editing. Nothing seemed out of place. The movie flows wonderfully. The pacing is flawless. Nothing is too slow or happens too fast. 

Masterful cinematography and production sets. Many horror films have tried but never have I seen a more terrifying attic and treehouse. Some of the camera work here is top tier. The color palette is dreary, dark and it sets the tone and feel of the movie.

Masterful storytelling and writing. Ari has created a demon without showing it’s true form. Which is somehow more terrifying. It’s filled with so much more than cliche horror slopes. He’s somehow made a family drama in the midst of this. Every decision made by a character is rational and understandable. The element of surprise is there with unique and unforgettable death scenes. Not once did I question this story and the characters existence.

Masterful performance from a female lead who is the biggest snub in Oscar history and years to come. Honestly, the best performance I’ve seen in a horror movie to date. Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, and Gabriel Byrne (poor guy) is what sold this story. (Poor Family) 

Masterful directing from a director who understands TRUE HORROR. Ari Aster took risks and not only changed the genre but filled it with a more deeper meaning than just a cult terrorizing a innocent family. Only he can direct a movie this horrifying without one single jump scare. He doesn’t spoon feed you the answers. The symbolism isn’t hard to read or understand. He makes you pay attention to every detail. 

Masterful soundtrack that literally turned my stomach and made the last scene so eerie but at the same time glorious to watch. I give all credit to Colin Stetson and his track “Reborn” to make that end scene for what it was. Beautifully horrific and hypnotic. It really did feel like a demon was arriving with those loud cymbals crashing. 

Masterful discomfort but the discomfort that you pay for when seeing a horror movie. This isn’t style over substance. Still the only movie I can’t watch with the lights off. It just feels like a sinister secret that I shouldn’t be watching. 

All around a masterpiece for the horror genre. Will forever cherish this kind of film and film making. It’s a movie that demands multiple rewatches. Each viewing I catch something new that I didn’t notice from other viewings.

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