Sunset Boulevard ★★★½

An aging silent movie star gets a second shot at fame when a struggling screenwriter unexpectedly ends up at her mansion and becomes her new ghostwriter.

Surprised this isn’t listed in the horror genre considering how grim the themes are in this film. The psychological horror the film explores are all thought provoking. The mindset of Normal Desmond who is oblivious to the fact that her glory days of being a movie star is now just as dusty and forgotten as the interior of her crusty mansion. She doesn’t help her case either for being narcissistic, vain and overbearing. There is subtle horror elements everywhere you turn; the old haunted-like mansion, the spooky organ piano, the sinister butler with deep secrets, having a stranger basically manipulating you to live with them without your consent, it’s all just so concerning. The ending scene with the cameras and slow walk down the staircase would be glorious in any other film but here, with great writing and directing the film has if not one of the most nightmarish endings that gives Hitchcock’s “Psycho” a run for its money. The performances, the directing, the writing, the profound message, it’s all here to make this one of the most critically acclaimed films of the 1950’s and of all-time. Obviously, this is a must watch.

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