Titanic ★★★★

Things that I noted through another rewatch:

Other than Home Alone, I’ve seen this film more times than I can count. 

“I’d rather be his whore than your wife.” - BOOM! The most savage line to say to an abysmal, abusive and controlling spouse.

Billy Zane’s performance is unapologetically evil and at the same time unintentionally funny. Easily one of my favorite over-the-top performances I’ve ever seen. Deserved an Oscar. 

I would seriously rather die sinking with the Titanic than ride in a rescue boat with Rose’s mother. 

Call me a inconsiderate, contradicting fool for what I said about my recent review about Shindler’s List for being a bit crude using a true tragic event as entertainment but I find Rose and Jack’s romance to be one the most steamiest, heartbreaking and funnest romances I’ll always cheer for.

The production and visual effects on this modern classic is still awe-inspiring. 

Mr. Andrews is the only character in the film that doesn’t feel like a made up character. It’s a shame he doesn’t have more scenes. Same goes for Kathy Bates character.

My heart for this movie will go on forever… du du duuuuuuuuu duuu do duuuuu DUUUUUU du du du duuuuu….

I miss my guy Bill Paxton.

“Gentlemen, It’s been a pleasure playing with you tonight.”

A cheesy movie about a real life catastrophe but very well knows it’s a movie and doesn’t try to be something it’s not. This is pure Hollywood entertainment while showing very few scenes enough to make you weep like a baby.

Roses’s mom. This one is a personal one. 


When the iceberg hits. Gosh I sound morbid and evil but the tone of the movie switches at that instance. I keep hoping during every rewatch that they would miss it. The visuals for that scene was remarkable. Easily the greatest tone switch of any movie. 

Nah, I’m just kidding, the orchestra giving their final performance of Nearer My God to Thee. An absolute soul crushing scene.

HAHA Joking, Rose finally reaching New York and she takes up Jack’s last name.

Last time. I’m kidding. Promise. It’s the final scene when Rose passes in her sleep or is dreaming and she kisses Jack and everyone is cheering them on as if it’s a dream wedding they never had.

Yea, I’m crying inside now. No more favorite scenes please. Too much. Gotta stop.

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