Upgrade ★★★½

The Theory of Everything: Upgraded

Right off the bat, this is a must watch for Sci-Fi dweebs like me. It has the excellent visuals, the electronic and wavy soundtrack, the high dosage of adrenaline action, epically brutal violence and a wicked A.I named STEM. 

What will turn some people off is the narrative. The exposition is heavily used where it could get tiring, plus the revenge plot can be a bit overused BUT the energy this film gave me made it so much fun to watch. Logan Marshall-Green’s performance must be mentioned, he is basically 99% of the film and he delivers each scene. 

This felt like a mashup with The Terminator, Blade Runner and John Wick, which are all great films to be mixed with, I just wish the film would’ve just stuck with one. Nonetheless, the action kicks-ass, the Sci-Fi elements and world building is stellar and I cracked up at the dark humor. Obviously, you’ll more than likely have a good time if you give this a shot.

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