Annette ★½

Ok somebody is gonna have to be the hater so I guess it’s gonna be me. I thot this movie was ass I’m sorry the songs did not bang and the pacing was so fucking weird and I don’t understand what I was supposed to get out of it. I read a review that said this should have just been a stage production and I agree 100%. I think the stylistic choices would have paid off a lot better if that were the case. I think the parts I was most surprised by were the parts w the dude from the Big Bang theory??!!? He was like the best part of this to me??!! And I feel like of all the things this movie had to offer, I should not be caught off guard by the performance of Simon helberg. Is he normally good in other things?? I just assumed he’s not bc of the incel show but who am I to judge. This doesn’t even matter I just want to think about something else that isn’t this movie!!!

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