City of God ★★★½

I gotta speak my truth- I did not care too much for this!
I’ll start off by saying it looks great and the performances were spectacular. I like to give props where I can. But that’s pretty much all I got

I thot the plot was A Bit All Over The Place. There’s too many fuckin characters and frankly I didn’t really care about any them. This is over two hours and it’s just nonstop bullet showers with maybe a 30 second break here and there. I’m normally fine w violence but this just felt gratuitous to me. If literally the entire movie is violent the novelty kinda wears off and gets less and less effective and at a certain point I’m just not invested anymore 

I got the same vibes from this that I got from Kids. And I didnt like Kids. Speaking of kids there was one scene where a child was crying a little too realistically for me.............. idk something about seeing a child in excruciating pain just doesn’t sit right w me! 

Anyways this isn’t me trying to bash anyone who likes this movie, I can see the appeal and can appreciate it. This is more just me stream-of-conscious-word-vomiting so I can look back and see what I thought of this when I inevitably forget, like I do w almost every piece of media I consume