Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Saw this again, loved it the first time and absolutely loved it the second time. So beautifully constructed, directed, written, shot and acted. Oscar Isaac is just phenomenal, his acting and singing are both brilliantly captivating. I really care about Llewyn and despite the seemingly endless depressing time he experiences, there is real humour and joy and also sweetness and tenderness in there. It actually moved me and I think its the most affecting film the Coens have ever made chiefly because they obviously like Llewyn and make us like him, we never really laugh at his expense. Bit of a masterpiece I think.

Interestingly I think there may be a bit of an age divide with this film, younger people (me) seem to be resonating with it far more than older people. Like my dad who said Nebraska was a much better film and this is probably the attitude that prevailed among Oscar voters before they announced the nominations where Davis was pretty much snubbed, which is a sad thing.

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