Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

My first movie of 2020, of the new decade is Tahiti Waikiki’s Jojo Rabbit. Whilst funny in Waikiki’s brand it is also a surprisingly deep films about a young boy’s struggle for identity and insight of his world during WWII. 

On a dramatic level, it is a surprisingly sweet and charming film that I was not expecting from Waikiki but it works and makes the film really tick and allows us to find humour in situations where there might not be any humour. The cast is excellent and really commit to their roles, especially, Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen. Young Roman Griffith Davis is so very good and plays Jojo with a joyful plump as he navigates his way through anti-Semitic doctrinisation and Nazi ideology. 

Unfortunately, Jojo Rabbit struggles to find its own voice and comes across as a very corporate studio comedy, which appears more like an attempt at making a new version of The Producers. It is allowed to be a Waikiki style comedy to the fullest extent nor is it allowed to push the melodrama either, it kind of hustles along a very middle ground, but still very entertaining.

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