Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

“Buffalo ‘66” artfully intermingles the eccentric grunge and family kitsch aesthetics of the 90s to make a love that spans time. 

There are select few 90’s films that are both engulfed by, and transcend the style of the decade. Next to “Buffalo,” the best example might be “Lola, Run.” In the case of “Buffalo,” the success might be an unintended blessing of Gallo’s self-indulgence; with his own ego balancing out the powerfully distinct tone of the era. 

The one weakness of “Buffalo” likely reflects on the strife behind its making. Christina Ricci, who had a difficult relationship with Gallo, enters and exits the film always too late and too early. Every moment she is onscreen, “Buffalo” seems to be receiving a holy sacrament of talent tinged with 90s frosted eyeshadow.

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