Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★

An interpretive work from someone who has only ever seen the Peter Jackson “King Kong” (and played the accompanying video game): 

I could not count if there were more location inter-titles in this, or more characters. 

What I could count - was that there were zero tyrannosauruses. 

There were no tyrannosauruses, and no rosy sunsets with Naomi Watts dancing on a steamer ship deck. 

There was only the dancing of Alexander Skarsgård‘a pupils as he wondered what he was doing in this movie. 

At some point, we lost the quiet moments - even in action films. 

There was a time where Jack Black could open his eyes in awe at a disgusting bug... and everything would stop around him. 

Now, every second is loaded with neon and punches that break battleships. 

When will we return....

To a world where King Kong ice skates, while Adrien Brody screams in a New York accent?

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