Luca ★★★★½

Disney, its time to come out of the closet. 

I understand you are worried about how your family; Russia and China, will perceive you. It’s totally fair that you are concerned about them cutting you off. 

But you have friends that will support you. 

Friends, that, you have led along for years now. Most especially since “Frozen.” Friends who believe that you have intentions to live your truest self. 

I have to say; someone in your position coming out would certainly be an action rife for discourse. Inspiring for those who have done, or wish to do the same. Also, though — a magnet for derision for those opposed. 

But your cries for aide are becoming unmistakable.

“Luca” features two young boys who are - quite literally - liberated through each other; while disguising their true selves from society. It also depicts a girl that once would have been dubbed a ‘tomboy,’ but whom we know now is rather pressing the boundaries of expectation for straight female representation. 

Your friends see this. They understand you. But to perpetually allude to identity association, without public commitment only perpetuates fear in those wanting to do the same. If you - with your ice princesses and Vespa-riding mermen - are so afraid of being exiled and hated… what hope is there for those without that speck of pixie dust?

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