Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

“Promising Young Woman” is bombastic proof that you can know where a film is headed, but still feel a banging surge of emotion as it careens down that path. 

Sure, you can be a drag of a movie-watcher and say you ‘called’ the inevitable conclusion to director Autumn Fennell’s movie just moments in. You could be that much of a drag of a human being. 

Or you could be cool. And awesome. And someone who can enjoy films for what they are. And if you are... “Promising” is a pounding reverberation of catharsis caught on celluloid. 

Fennell and Carey Mulligan mine rage and purgation in “Promising” like they’re the first arrivals to California gold rush.

The concept of “Promising” seems like it should teeter dangerously between too sensitive serious to joke about or too exploitatively idiotic to entertain. And that dangerous balance is just where Mulligan and Fennell live. Thrive. Survive.  Rock the damn house down. 

“Promising” will inevitably be polarising in its appeal. But when you know, know the emotional place where Fennell and Mulligan are coming from... the intensity of release felt in watching them work is like nothing else in film this year.

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