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  • The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther


    I can’t speak to this movie being good (it’s more, meh), but Kevin Kline’s in this, one of Lawrence Kasdan’s muses, so I have to respect that. Kasdan, Barry Levinson and Danny DeVito were some of Iannis Katsahnias’ favourite directors, there should be more appreciation of them these days.

  • Daddy, Daddy USA

    Daddy, Daddy USA


    I really liked this. There’s a modesty of scope as it doesn’t try to have a global perspective on the American matters, but instead, through a montage between conversations with union activists and his father, it’s able to mix the personal with the social in a humble manner, that that it’s through his father and his own experiences that he’s able to learn and take part in the world.
    I had no idea that the director also wrote Sombre (a masterpiece) and also did translations for the cinematheque (a pro).