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  • Orpheus
  • Blaze
  • Blow Out
  • Noah

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  • The Death of David Cronenberg

  • Horsin' Around

  • Paper Moon

  • The Brood

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  • Untitled Wes Anderson Film

    Untitled Wes Anderson Film


    Brb gonna go orgasm, oh wait, I just did

  • Shithouse



    I feel like Shithouse was made for me because...
    1) After heading off to a college, where I knew nobody, 1500+ miles away from home, my first semester was undeniably filled with tons of homesickness calls to my parents, loneliness, and anxiety to find my place.
    2) In my dorm room I had a Mac Miller Swimming poster, and would often times listen to the song “Southern Sky” by Alex G.
    3) I always watched my favorite NBA team play, the Dallas…