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This review may contain spoilers.

"What is youth? A dream.
What is love ? The content of the dream"

It's with those words that one of the best movies I had the chance to watch kick starts. It's those words that will haunt you throughout the entire film. It's those words that you will not be able to forget. It's those words that three days after watching it, you'll linger on.

To be sincerely honest, I initially started watching the movie because of the plot. I thought that the Skårderud’s theory was such a fun and original way of approaching the human consumption of alcohol. Quickly I realized that it was so much deeper than that, it was so much deeper than exploring what could be the dangers of alcohol, it was such a witty commentary on life.

Beyond being presented with a damning portrait of alcohol consumption and all its vices, we are led to reflect on life, love, friendships, mental health, death, professional life, marriage, failure, success, etc.

Contrary to its appearances, "Druk" isn't a movie about partying, it's a movie about nostalgia. The longing of youth, the longing of love, the longing of happiness.

When boredom takes over your entire being and living feels like you are swimming against the stream. Two solutions emerges, give up or fight back.

Finding yourself by losing yourself, that's what this story is about. It's a comforting but bitter love letter to youth. Bitter because you get an emotional conclusion and not everybody survives it. But comforting because even when alcohol becomes one of the problems you were meaning to escape, when you come close to losing everything because of it, the sheer importance of those things that had started losing flavor to you regain their rightful place in your heart.

Three days later and I am still in awe with this beautiful story, in awe with Thomas Vinterberg's take on nostalgia, in awe with Mads Mikkelsen's performance. I guess, I have a hell of a hangover.