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  • Ride the Pink Horse

    Ride the Pink Horse


    Don't get me wrong, I can roll with a lil racism in my movies. I don't mind when people have attitudes that were common in the era in which the movie was made. I'm also totally fine with people playing a different race than their own. I'm not the Kalipers Kops.

    But I do find it distracting when racism infects the actual characterizations, and boy does it here. It's nice that Thomas Gomez was able to get the first Academy…

  • Lured



    You can imagine a grittier, grimmer version of the premise of this one: a serial killer preys on single women through the personal ads, the police enlist the friend of one of the murdered girls to act as bait. But Sirk's lighter atmosphere and romantic ending probably nudge Lured from noir to melodrama, not that that makes it unenjoyable!

    Lucille Ball is great in a pre-Lucy dramatic role. She doesn't hide her comedy chops under a bushel, of course, they…

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  • Ponyo



    I DO have a girlfriend she just... lives in another ecosystem OKAY

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    JJ Abrams helpfully put three metaphors for TROS into the movie itself.

    1) a scene in which a character combs through some ruins from the original trilogy in search of a macguffin that will lead to that trilogy's villain

    2) the reanimated corpse of the original trilogy's villain dangling from the strings of a giant machine, like a marionette

    3) a scene in which a character returns from beyond the grave to explicitly disavow his actions from the previous film