Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

Aside from the Star Wars Remixed philosophy, the other major problem with the sequel trilogy is their approach to their creative team. Either you have the same directors/screenwriters all the way through, in which case they can sort of make it up as they go along, or you can have different directors/screenwriters for each movie, but the basic storyline is outlined ahead of time. Maybe there's a reasonable explanation for the exquisite corpse approach they took, in which not only did they have different creative teams without even a sketch of the trilogy's storyline, but there was apparently minimal communication between the two teams. But I find it mystifying on both artistic and economic grounds. I think either a Rian Johnson trilogy or a JJ Abrams trilogy would have been better than the trilogy we're actually getting.

All that said, and without relitigating the monster that is the TLJ discourse: TLJ is my second favorite Star Wars movie, and the first one since ROTJ in which characters make decisions that feel like they aren't predetermined, and bear real moral stakes. The Rey/Luke/Kylo stuff is as good as anything that Star Wars has ever done. I think there are valid reasons that TLJ might not be to everyone's taste, but making a Star Wars movie, under these circumstances, that tastes like anything at all is an accomplishment. Making one that's this good is amazing.

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