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  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Bigger Than Life
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • Hard Boiled

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  • The Year of Living Dangerously


  • Breathless


  • Show Me Love


  • Jungle Fever


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  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid

    My first ever theater walkout. If I was watching this at home, I probably wouldn't have stopped "watching" because I could do other things while half paying attention to it. The problem is when you're in a theater and there's no escape, and you still have over 90 minutes left of this movie that is just so dully miserable. Babylon was another very long movie I watched recently that I didn't like, but it was at least a little fun…

  • Planet of the Apes

    Planet of the Apes


    The makeup and costumes are excellent for the male apes, the female apes remind me of heroes from The Dark Crystal (which is not a compliment from me). Tim Roth is incredibly committed, I like Michael Clark Duncan and Paul Giamatti at least has a fun energy. That's the only good things I'll say, otherwise there's no there there, they stripped out most of the political, ethical and religious text of the original to make it a souless action blockbuster and Mark Wahlberg sucks

Popular reviews

  • Go West

    Go West


    I miss when we had movie stars, where you could simply pitch an audience "x is a x" and everybody would be instantly on board before they even saw it. "Buster Keaton is a ranch hand" is absolutely a money concept and Go West not only exploits that for all the comedy it's worth, you get far more invested in Keaton's friendship to an animal than you'd expect. Go West also proves once again that Keaton was way more than…

  • Persona



    The first time I watched it last year was probably under optimal viewing conditions: tired and bleary-eyed late at night with the images setting my brain on fire as that was really all I was processing which, along with the sound is really what this film is about: a raw emotional response regardless of what you get out it thematically (and there are plenty of reasonable interpretations). My personal read is that it's about simply trying to live in this…