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"so long, darling."

This review is bittersweet since its' the last episode of WandaVision, I'm gonna try and review the whole show and Episode 9 since its' all I've been looking forward to week by week and I've gone full conspiracy theorist in which I'm watching all these videos and all these easter eggs that have come out. I love how this was a show in which I never knew where it was going, in which every theory felt possible and that made me more anxious. It's some of the best things the MCU has done since it was really ambitious and really different in a lot of ways even though recently it's felt like a Marvel movie, I've been having fun with it, and that's all you want when you consume any entertainment, you want the things for you to be watching to feel fun, and I hate all these critics being all pessimistic about the future of TV and how this is not "PRESTIGE TV".

I think watching this episode is different since I felt like I needed to keep my hopes down for anything that will happen, there were all these endless possibilities for where the show will go, and whatever happens in this episode I needed to enjoy it. I think this series can be best summarized as the origin story of the Scarlet Witch before she enters Doctor Strange 2.

This episode of WandaVision marks the finale, and it's the big showdown between Wanda and Agatha, as the show progresses what kept us going was that big mystery cameo, turns out that Paul Bettany accidentally lied to us and there really was no mystery cameo, and that was everything everyone was theorizing, even me, I thought we were getting John Krasinski as Reed Richards in this and I've never been so wrong about something before. But those last 5 minutes really gets to you honestly. 

My only issue with WandaVision has always been the time, like for everybody, but the great thing about this show is that every episode is jam-packed whether its' 25 minutes or 40 minutes, they all have been so jam-packed and nothing about it felt wasted to me as I was rewatching all the episodes before this last episode. This episode really was just the perfect length honestly.

I think with WandaVision, it is easily some of the best things the MCU has done creatively with by having the series being constructed through set designs and a fuck ton of easter eggs rather than your usual action set pieces, using these easter eggs and set designs to symbolize a character and their traumas and grief. It shows that the MCU can go bolder and innovative with their shows/movies and its' something I wanna see more of. WandaVision didn't go full Mulholland Drive on us since the MCU isn't really about being so divisive with its' product but more about creating the best possible version of mass entertainment, and they fused a bit of that surrealism and mass entertainment together to create some of the best things they've ever done. I think the MCU can be great when they actually put substance into its' stories and WandaVision shows that, and it shows that they can actually dig even deeper with its' surrealism and creating movies/shows that are more character pieces and not your usual superhero movie.

Elizabeth Olsen needs to be given an Emmy nomination because she is just fantastic, I love that the show was able to revisit her past traumas and let them em embody her performance, and the amount of people that were invested in WandaVision and Elizabeth Olsen as a cultural figure these past 9 weeks shows that she can lead a TV show or a movie franchise if she wants to. Her performance might be up there with some of the great MCU performances. It is so densely layered, and she carries all these traumas into her performance. I’ve always liked her in the movies she’s in and it feels nice now that a lot of people knows how great of an actress she is. It’s a hard performance too since she has to use different eras of sitcoms to show these layers of trauma and grief, and she gets to just kill it completely. She feels like a big deal now. 

Paul Bettany, I'm curious as to where he goes after this with the MCU but he got to show how great he was in those first two episodes of WandaVision, being a great comedic actor, and I honestly just want to see him in more things, he feels really underrated to me. Kathryn Hahn gets to have some great episodes, with Episode 7 just being a showcase for her honestly. Kat Dennings was someone I always liked, those first two Thor movies are trash but she was honestly the only good thing about those first two Thor movies, they honestly should have her around in every movie cause she completely fits right in, and she gets to be funny in a lot of ways, I hope they do more with her in the MCU. The series does a good job of building up Teyonah Parris as well, she already feels like a big deal to us and I'm excited to see what she does in Captain Marvel 2.

I'm curious if the Falcon and the Winter Soldier + Loki do this in their shows, but WandaVision (like almost all MCU) has pretty much elevated everybody's stock in the public eye, the MCU has made guys like Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanson, and Chris Hemsworth full-blown movie stars now. WandaVision has built up Elizabeth Olsen and Teyonah Parris into household names, and someone we are going to be seeing a lot of in the MCU and in movies in these next few phases. I'm not sure where I'd rank WandaVision for my MCU movies list, but it seems like it would be in the top 5 ish cause of how different it was and how it succeeded in being more innovative than your usual MCU movies. It's something I want to see going forward honestly with the MCU, where there is just a personality to it.

Well, these 9 episodes of WandaVison have been fun to watch, and I loved how I didn't know where the show was going. It was fun to have full-out discussions with everybody I know about what's going to happen, and it shows that the week-to-week model really just works compared to binging things. It's brought up Disney+'s stock even more, and it makes me even more excited for Doctor Strange 2 and Captain Marvel 2.

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