I'm watching movies. “Ethics and aesthetics, as is known, are one.”

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  • The Long Gray Line
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Children
  • The Happening

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  • Hill of Freedom

  • In Front of Your Face

  • Grass

  • Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Ram

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  • The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg

    The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg


    The continuation of our current lives is only made possible by the refusal of what would make those very lives worth living.

    "Isn't there something in analytic discourse that can introduce us to the following: that every subsistence or persistence of the world as such must be abandoned?"

    "You must change your life."

  • Othon


    A point on clarity, setting and adaptation for Straub-Huillet

    The copresence of “ancient” and “modern” place-features in Othon and other S-H movies inspires readings of the ancient stories as flatly allegorizing (i.e. telling one story to transmit some other lesson) our modern political struggles by signaling some persistence or timelessness of the story’s lesson. This matches well with what Tag Gallagher recognizes as S-H's desire for clarity, but the truth is that these places are not really ancient: Palatine Hill…

Popular reviews

  • The Algerian War!

    The Algerian War!


    I'm finally beginning to understand: it all hangs on a pun of "guerre" ("war") and "guérir" ("to cure"), for as the book's subtitle explains, a means of resolution to stress, anxiety and depression without medicine or psychoanalysis. War was a false solution, and our rebellious soldier is looking to actually cure those wrongs, without medicine or psychoanalysis. Two "wrongs" don't make a "right"; but instead a "wrong" must be negated, and “only violence helps where violence rules.”

  • Sentimental Romance

    Sentimental Romance


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