Afflicted ★★★½

Believe it or not, there's a new found footage genre movie that might be worth watching... If it's at least a rental. Afflicted is a Canadian horror flick about 2 best friends who begin to start a world wide travelogue. Intending to be famous one day, they begin their web series in Europe. While in Paris, Derek, one of the 2 comrades, picks up a French girl and the 2 go get a hotel room. Later that night, Clif, the other guy, goes to film some of the action cause it's not creepy to do that at all. Upon finding Derek in the room, he is knocked out, bloody and cold. Clif freaks out and the camera turns off. We next see Derek delirious as he painfully regains his health and memories. Tired all day, contracting horrible skin boils in sunlight and unable to consume any kind of food, Derek and Clif's travelogue soon turns into a documentary series about being a vampire.

The trailer of this film looks like it's going to be about a zombie outbreak, but by complete surprise, its not only a vampire film, but a pretty damn good one. The vampire mythos is not glamorized nor pussified in order to appeal to the wrong audience. These are real vampires, just how they should have always been. It also explains many of the different traits and why they must exist, including; Why they can only consume human blood, why they cannot eat human food, what happens when they don't drink blood for long periods of time and what they can really achieve with their abnormal strength(and man, it's awesome). The make up effects are very well done and the special effects are a nice mixture of practical and CG when needed. The action and gore delivers what one would want, especially in an intense scene involving a police raid and a relentless killing spree of those same cops, all in a first person view. Very nice. This was a pretty fresh horror film. Though it has its cliches to be seen all throughout its runtime, Afflicted has been well made enough to look past them all. I for one am very surprised about that.

- The Spork Guy

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