Carol ★★★

I had to see this twice. I just had too.

No, not because it was THAT good or anything. But because I just didn't understand what it was that made this movie the second coming of Christ to the entire cinematic community. I'm not being taunting or snarky here, I just literally couldn't understand or see the perfection everyone else did. Thus, I've watched it twice... and the second time, I think I get it. This is a lesbian romance tale that begs to re-analyze what we consider morals vs human need. Social mores vs true happiness. At its core, it's a movie about doing and obtaining what you want and what you know is right for your own well being. Its a beautiful message that is universally understood, unless you were sheltered by a cult or some shit your whole life. I wasn't. Spoiler alert in case you were wondering about that.

Anyway, this is a film I've seen before. It's the kind of film that comes out quite often, but doesn't always skyrocket to the same level of acclaim as this. This one did though, and there are some reasons why. First, we have a film that's beautifully photographed(with much metaphoric imagery added into its already sentient view), magically scored(even though the amount to which Carter Burwell's score repeats throughout the film almost drove freaking mad), but most of all, it's perfectly acted. It's low key, believable and not at all a soap opera. This is people being people. Every once in a while, that's a nice change. The story is slow, but complex for how simple it could've been. It makes you think and keeps your senses stimulated while letting your eyes feast on the old school production design.

The ending is also a big change of pace. Usually I avoid films with Spielberg type endings that wrap up in a nice positive tone(though this still has room to argue that). But most LGBT films don't end like this and I loved seeing a more human and believable way to finalize our protagonist's on screen timeline. Yes, this is a very well-made movie. One that makes you feel good, all while being made with an artistic shade of true technicality to make the film buff's enjoy it for more than just its romantic staging. It's still something I've seen before, just made better than quite a few of them. I don't get the religious experience people have gotten from it, nor do I see what made it an instant classic. But all in all, I'm happy people were able to enjoy something this much... that wasn't as safe and cheesy as Brooklyn at the very least.

- The Spork Guy

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