The House by the Cemetery ★★★

Hoop-Tober 2016, Entry #6

This was the last in Fulci's Gates of Hell trilogy that I needed to see. I'd been told that it was not only the usual favorite, but the best hands down. I was so excited to see that unfold before my very eyes! Sadly, what I got was easily my least favorite in the trilogy by far. A fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC opening sequence of grisly murder is followed up with a somewhat uneventful rest of the film. Perhaps it was the fact that this happened to include the most annoying child on film in quite sometime? This kid's face, voice and full-grown woman's scream were Guinness World Record breaking for how unpleasant they were.

The big bad in this film is pretty damn scary. A super powered zombie hiding out in your basement? Hell no. The make up effects are so good that it almost hid the fact that the disembodied child noises he makes are just a constantly repeating pattern. All together though, this makes a good villain recipe is I ever read one out loud. The kills are mostly good. The slow throat ripping near the end being my favorite by far. I love how Fulci will kill off a main character near the very end of the film, as a way of saying nothing is sacred in this world. The film is a bit underwhelming in the sense that it has few kills, only one main enemy in one location, an annoying protagonist and having been overhyped by many of my friends. Comparing all these attributes to Fulci's other two films in the trilogy and you'll hopefully see what I mean.

- The Spork Guy

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