They're Watching ★★★

Here's a tough one to explain. Not because it's hard to describe by any means, but because the creators of Spongebob made something violent, sexual and live-action. They're Watching is a found footage(just lost all readers)horror film about the crew on a home renovation reality show as they awkwardly live amongst creepy locals in a foreign country. Centering on witch folklore and culture shock, the film creates tension through means of a xenophobic vibe. It takes a while to get going, but once it does, it's really not half bad. It's creepy, yes. Funny? Pretty much. Great effects? Hell no. But, for what the effects are worth, they kinda of fit based on who made this thing in the first place. That's all I can say though, as if it weren't for that, this is officially the most god awful pay off I've ever seen. Which is painful to say, as I was somehow entertained throughout the majority of the film. I really hate admitting that, as I want this genre to be the next victim to die in any horror film. Oh well, I've now taken part in supporting it's progression an extra couple years I guess...

- The Spork Guy

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